PHOEPET Classic Plaid Puppy Collars


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  • 【Value Pack 16 Collars】Our puppy collars come with 16 different colors, bright solid colors, They are distinct which makes you easier to identify similar puppies. These will be the most cost-effective puppy collars you have ever bought.
  • 【Incredible Quality】Our puppy collars are made of soft high-quality nylon material, is washable, colorfast and reusable. you never have to worry about them getting torn or being bitten, and doesn’t irritate your pet’s necks.
  • 【Safety Buckle】BREAK-AWAY CLASP will quick release under pressure if your puppy get stuck up in something. It has just enough resistance in the break away part, not breakaway easily. Your pet’s body weight would break it, but it will not come off from just scratching at it.


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