PHOEPET Leather Dog Leash Strong Heavy Duty Genuine Leather Braided Dog Training Leash


Quality Leather
Italian imported cowhide, soft and sturdy, good tension, Excellent hand feel

360 degree rotating copper hook
360 degree rotating hooks to prevent the rope from knotting, walking the dog more easily

Elastic braided knot
Braided rope knot more elastic and beautiful, to relieve the impact of the sudden acceleration of the dog

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  • 【High quality leather】The dog leash well made of high-quality Italian imported cowhide is strong and soft, with excellent hand feeling, and the hand-woven kink process can greatly relieve the impact of the dog when sprinting.No burning hand feeling when your dog pull hard Comfortable to hold; Great for training, running, walking.
  • 【360 Degree Rotating Copper Hook】The full solid copper hook is strong enough to withstand 800 lbs of pulling force, high-quality electroplating process, the combination of leather + metal copper makes the appearance simple, stylish and practical.
  • 【Perfect length 】After feedback from thousands of users, the 6ft length dog leash is very suitable for dog training, running, and walking, helping you to effectively restrain your dog; if you need to let your dog approach and hold, Our dog leash leather folds easily; it can also be used as a short dog leash


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